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Pianist Dr.Xingye Cai performed Musica Ricercata at the winner’s concert of the 3rd Apex internation

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Pianist Dr.Xingye Cai performed Musica Ricercata at the winner’s concert of the 3rd Apex international music competition at Carnegie Hall acclaimed by the music world

The final third concert of the Apex International Music Competition was held at Carnegie Hall as scheduled. As the judge of this competition, Dr. Cai Xingye, a pianist based in the United States, was invited to attend the concert, and as a guest performer, she performed at the finale of the scene, playing Musica Ricercata by composer Rigeti.

Xingye Cai graduated from Louisiana State University in 2021, majoring in piano performance and minoring in collaborative piano. She studied with the famous American pianists and Steinway artists Jeffrey Biegel and Michael Gurt, and obtained a doctor degree in piano performance. Xingye was employed as an assistant teacher during her education at the school, and also served as the accompanist of the opera workshop, American art song class and brass department. Xingye has been invited to perform at Carnegie Hall many times, and has successfully held solo concerts in concert halls across the United States such as Opera America, Ludwig Recital Hall, Lincoln Park Performing Arts, Leonard & Claire Tow Center for the Performing Arts Concerts, in the form of lectures, recitals, chamber music and concertos.

Dr. Cai has carefully prepared her signature piece for this performance - avant-garde composer Ligeti’s Musica Ricercata. Dr. Cai said that it is both necessary and positive to perform the piece in this concert on promoting the development of youth art. First of all, Musica Ricercata (Music Exploration) is a modernist work, created by the composer in his youthful days in a minimalist way. Unlike the flamboyance and embellishment of the classical and romantical periods, this work is concise and even the monophonic creation method appeared. Dr. Cai expressed that she wanted to show the future music stars what avant-garde music is by performing this work, and conveying to them the characteristics of avant-garde music is to break through traditional cultural precepts, beyond the inherent creative principles and appreciation habits. She hopes to encourage these young musicians to be innovative, express their ideas and practice boldly on the future artistic path by performing this work. In addition, Dr. Cai said that the composer Ligeti was inspired and influenced by his predecessor Bartok to develop his own creative path, so she also hoped that through this performance, these young performers could be inspired some artistically.

Dr. Cai said: "The contestants who participated in this concert are all contestants with certain strength who have won special awards and first prizes after strict selection and evaluation. They are all talents who can go to the professional path of art in the future. As their predecessors, I am honored and obliged to perform at this concert."

Concert Time​: July 1, 2022 at 7pm

Location: Carnegie Weill Recital Hall, 881 7th Ave

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