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2nd Apex International Online Music Competition

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Time & Location

Dec 15, 2020, 7:00 PM – Feb 15, 2021, 12:20 AM Participating online stream concerts

About the Event 2nd Apex International Online Music Competition (Updated Information) Dear Friends and Colleagues: Following the great success of 1st Apex International Music Competition early this year, Global Musicians and Arts association is honored to present the 2nd Apex international music competition for 2021. During this difficult time of global pandemic, to protect the safety and health of all participants, our 2nd Apex music competition will be held online only. We hope our students, families and colleagues will return to our normal life very soon and our talented students can perform their favorite pieces soon in our great New York city venues. Fulfill Your Music Dream,Express the best of yourself. APEX International Music Competition (AIMC) is organized by Global Musicians and Arts Association, American Xinglong International Media and American Descendants of Dragon Foundation. Our goal is to provide an international music platform for all nationalities who love music and love instruments and singing. AIMC Competition includes: Piano and other instruments, singing and composition. Open for registration: Age 5-28 of all nationalities Repertoire Requirements Piano & Instrument: One piece less than 10 minutes from the baroque, classical, romantic, modern and contemporary musical eras, Singing: One piece less than 6 minutes. Composition: One piece less than 8 minutes with original score The competition is divided into a qualifying round and a final round. Both rounds are online. Applicants will be divided into 5 different age groups: 1. Group Y: Age 5-7 2. Group J: Age 8-11 3. Group I: Age 12-14 4. Group T: Age 15-18 5. Group A: Age 18+ Qualifying Round: Deadline 12/31/2020 (Completed) Applicants are required to submit a video recording of their performance (YouTube link or other mainstream video platform) by email. Within the same email, please include your name, age and nationality and name of the piece and composer. Registration fee shall be submitted to AIMC through mail-in checks or PayPal before the registration deadline.(Detailed information see below) Final Round: Deadline 2/15/2021, Registration fee: $70 (Updated) The results of qualifying round will be judged by world famous musicians within their age group. Those who pass the qualifying round are entitled to take part in the final round. To finish the application for the final round of competition, the applicant shall submit the required forms and videos as per the following steps: 1. Download and fill out the form “Apex Application form for final round”. Follow the instructions on the form to mail or email it back to us before 02/15/2021. 2. Download and fill out the form “Apex Evaluation form for final round”. Email the filled form back to us by 02/15/2021. The evaluation form will be returned to the applicant with judge’s final comments and scores. This is your result form! So please accurately fill in all the required information. 3. Submit your application fee for final round according to instruction on the application form before 02-15-2021. 4. Record a video of your music performance and submit it through YouTube link to us before 02-15-2021. (Foreign applicants can use other format of video platforms). All finalists have the option to use the same music piece of qualifying round or provide a new piece. We encourage everyone to record a new video according to “final round recording guidelines” even you intend to perform the same piece. 5. For applicants performing piano or other instruments, please submit a copy of music score in the same email of your video submission. Selected winners of final round will receive various awards prepared by AIMC. Winner Awards (Updated) 1. Customized winner’s certificate by AIMC 2. Customized teacher’s certificate 3. College recommendation letters for 5-year consecutive winners 4. Full packages of professional promotions and advertisement in all media formats 5. Many levels of cash awards up to $1000 for the top winner. 6. Professionally produced online concerts with guest performance from world famous musicians. 7. Opportunity for top winners to attend future live concerts in Carnegie Hall*. (*Dates depends on COVID Condition & Requires additional fee) Registration Email Submit YouTube link to Payment: Mail-in Address: Paypal Account: Global Musicians & Arts Association 168 US Highway 1, STE 101 Edison, NJ 08817

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