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3rd Apex International Music Competition

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Global Musicians and Arts Association is excited to announce that 3rd Apex International Music Competition (AIMC) is now open for application. As everything is gradually returning to normal, our competition is moving back to the original “Live audition + Live Concert” format. Please review the details listed below for information on application, audition, concerts, and winner awards.

Introduction to Apex Competition

Fulfill Your Music Dream,Express the best of yourself.

Apex International Music Competition (AIMC) is organized by Global Musicians and Arts Association, Sunnybird Music Inc., Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States, American Xinglong International Media and American Descendants of Dragon Foundation. Our goal is to provide an international music platform for all nationalities who love music and want to demonstrate their talents to public.

AIMC is open for young musicians that perform piano, other instruments, voice, and composition.

Since it was founded on 2019, Global Musicians and Arts Associations has successfully hosted two competitions. Our 2nd AIMC was held virtually early this year. We are glad to report that it was a complete success and has received many praises and favorite feedback from both the families and teachers. In Summary:

  • More than 130 contestants from US, China and Canada attended in 2nd Apex International Music Competition.

  • Close to $5,000 of total cash prizes were awarded to more than 30 winners including a $1,000 platinum prize to the top winner.

  • Top winners were advertised on YouTube, Local newspaper and websites

  • One of the first competitions that held a live winners’ concert in full capacity in NYC during Pandemic.

We are proud of our past achievement and are committed to provide more opportunities and awards to our future participants.

Competition Process and Requirements

1. Eligibility & Repertoire Requirements

Eligibility: Age 5-25 of all nationalities


Piano & Instrument:

One piece less than 10 minutes from the baroque, classical, romantic, modern and contemporary musical eras.


One piece less than 6 minutes.


One piece less than 8 minutes

The competition is divided into 5 different age groups:

· Group Y: Age 5-7

· Group J: Age 8-11

· Group I: Age 12-14

· Group T: Age 15-18

· Group A: Age 18+

Contestants will be judged by their audition performance within their age group.

2. Application

Please submit the completed application form through one of the following methods:

  • Mail the completed form to our main office’s address.

  • Email the completed application form in DOC or PDF format to

  • Fill in the application form on our website ( - for individual application only.

Application fee is $85 for solo and $70 for each member of duets and group of 3 or more.

Application fee shall be submitted along with the application form by either a check or PayPal. Application fee is non-refundable.

All application forms and check shall be submitted to the main office of AIMC :

Global Musicians & Arts Association

168 US Highway 1, STE 101

Edison, NJ 08817

Submit your PayPal payment to and make sure to select “Families and Friends” for payment option.

Deadline for Application is February 10, 2022

3. Sponsorship

Global Musicians and Arts Association is thrilled to announce cooperation with national volunteer organization Aylus to provide sponsorship to talented young musicians who are interested to participate in Apex International Music Competition.

Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States (AYLUS, encourages all talented musicians across the country to enter this year’s 3rd Apex International Music Competition! Aylus will provide sponsorship to waive the application fee for selected qualified applicants (a $85 value). Aylus will also sponsor one top applicant to waive his/her concert fee to the winner’s concert in the prestigious Carnegie Hall this summer (a $230 Value!)

Sponsorship Qualification

1. the applicants must have min. 3 years of study on piano, other instruments or voice.

2. The applicants shall be in intermediate or advanced level in their music category.

3. Applicants that have music talents but have difficulties to pay the application fee will be given priority for consideration.

Sponsorship application

If you are interested in applying for waiver program, please send your application email to AYLUS at ( In the email the applicant must include the full name, music category and the years of study. In the same email the applicant shall also include his/her most recent music performance through YouTube link. This music piece will be evaluated by Apex Competition Jude Committee for qualification.

The sponsorship application deadline is 2/10/2022 and the results will be issued in March before the audition.

The number of candidates who will receive Aylus sponsorship is limited. Please send in your application ASAP.

4. Audition

Live Audition Location:

3/12/2022 & 3/13/2022

Arts Building at Raritan Valley Community College,

118 Lamington Rd, Branchburg, NJ 08876


Sunnybird Music Inc.

64-73 Austin Street, Unit M1, Rego Park, NY 11374

Once we receive the application forms with payments from the applicants, we will email the audition schedule with specific details including the exact audition time to all the applicants at the emails provided in their application forms, no later than 7 days prior to the scheduled live audition time. Judge Evaluation Forms will also be attached to this email and the contestants must print, fill out and bring the evaluation forms to the live auditions.

Contestants who cannot attend live auditions, may provide a YouTube link to a video of their performance, and email the link to Please indicate recording on the application form. Video recording must be continuous and cannot be altered, edited, and rearranged. The email with the YouTube video link must be accompanied by the name of the performer and the title & composer of music piece. YouTube Recording is due on 03/13/2022.

5. Winners’ Concert

Both the Live Audition and YouTube recording will be judged by the Apex Judge Committee. Winners and rankings will be selected according to the final scores provided by judges. Grand Award, 1st and 2nd Award winners are eligible to perform in the following venues in NYC:

  • Concert for grand and selected 1st place winners

Concert fee: Solo- $230, Duet: 350, Group of 3 or more: $170 per person

Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, 7pm on July 1st.

  • Concert for 1st place and 2nd place winners

Concert fee: Solo- $210, Duet: 330, Group of 3 or more: $160 per person

Merkin Concert Hall: 10am on May 7th and 3pm on May 7th

  • Concert for 3rd place winners:

To be determined

Famous local and international musicians including professional pianists, singers, and composers will be invited as guest performers to participate in all concerts.

Concert fee shall be submitted by check or PayPal two weeks prior to the concert date.

The winners’ concert is part of the competition. In order to receive certification and any awards shown in the section below, the winner participants must physically perform in the winners’ concerts and may not leave the concert until its conclusion. Contestants who do not participate in the concert are considered withdrawn from the competition and do not receive certificate and award.

More information regarding the winners’ concert will be sent out to eligible winners through emails prior to the concert.

6. Winner Awards

Selected grand award and 1st place winners will receive special awards from Apex Competition Committee which include:

· Customized winner’s certificates by AIMC

· Customized teacher’s certificate

· Special Medal and Plaque for 3-year consecutive winners and teachers

· Many levels of cash prizes up to $1000 for the top winners.

· Advertisement by Global Musicians and Arts Association

· NEW- Performance Award to Winners that perform well in the concert

· NEW- Young Musicians Award to our youngest winners

Registration and PayPal Email

Main Office Address:

Global Musicians & Arts Association

168 US Highway 1, STE 101

Edison, NJ 08817

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