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Audition Schedule - NY

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Sunnybird Music Inc.

64-73 Austin Street, Unit M1, Rego Park, NY 11374

3-13-2022 9:30 am to 3 pm

Judge 4 & 5

Florence Lu Zhao-Piano: 9:30am

Shuying Zhao-Piano: 9:34am

Lixin Yuen-Piano: 9:38am

Henry Zhang-Piano: 9:42am

Qinghan Cheng-Piano: 9:46am

Benjamin Huang-Piano: 9:50am

Selena Chen-Piano: 9:54am

Katherine Gao -Piano: 9:58am

Bonnie Li-Piano: 10.02am

Christina Lin-Piano: 10:06am

Elivia Lin-Piano: 10:10am

Meihan Gu-Piano: 10:14am

Tyler Lin-Piano: 10:18am

Selina Qiu-Piano: 10:22am

Matthew Wang-Piano: 10:26am

Dena Li-Piano: 10:30am

Dasiy Chen-Piano: 10:34am

Janice Ma-Piano: 10:39am

Aiden Sun-Piano: 10:45am

Payton Shen-Piano: 10:49am

Ryan Zhu- Piano: 10:53am

Lindesey Xie-Piano: 10:57am

Yuki Chen-Piano: 11:03am

Zhiyan Piao-Piano: 11:07am

Jovianne Bi-Piano: 11:11am

Aidan Li-Piano: 11:15am

Jialing Liu-Piano: 11:19am

Lin Yu Hao-Piano: 11:25am

Lin Fei Hao-Piano: 11:30am

Austin Tan-Piano: 11:35am

Grace Li-Piano: 11:40am

Owen Guo-Piano: 11:45am

Leanna Chan-Piano: 11:51am

Jada Lin-Piano: 11:56am

Lucas Huang-Piano: 12:01pm

Xinzhenni Li-Piano: 12:06pm

Judge 2 & 5

Yvette Wan-Piano: 12:30pm

Stephanie Zhang-Piano: 12:35pm

Olivia Huang-Piano: 12:40pm

Victoria Gao-Piano: 12:46pm

Aiden Li-Piano: 12:50pm

Vianna Xia-Piano: 12:54pm

Chelsea Liu-Piano: 12:58pm

Queenas Chen-Piano 1:02pm

Audrey Zheng-Piano: 1:06pm

Yuki Li-Piano: 1:10pm

Nancy Lin-Piano: 1:16pm

Jonas Gu-Piano: 1:21pm

Rihanna Cheng-Piano: 1:25pm

Xiaoyu Wang-Piano: 1:29pm

Anni Lin-Piano: 1:34pm

Miles Sun-Piano: 1:39pm

Sarah Li-Piano: 1:44pm

Katelin Huang -Piano: 1:49pm

Elizabeth Han-Piano: 1:54pm

Ariel Zhu -Piano: 2:00pm

Annabella Cheung: 2:04pm

Audrey Cheung-Piano: 2:09pm

Isabella Lu-Piano: 2:15pm

Andy Zhou-Piano: 2:20pm

Angelia Kang-Piano: 2:27pm

Cassie Wu-Piano: 2:31pm

Reagan Joshi-Piano: 2:36pm

Ryan Joshi-Piano: 2:40pm

Angelina Ferhati-Piano: 2:45pm

Megan Wong- Piano: 2:50pm

Ahana Kaur-Piano: 2:55pm

Jiuxi Li-Piano: 3:00pm

Aaron Sun-Piano: 3:05pm

Roger Li-Piano: 3:10pm

Hailey Wu-Piano: 3:15pm

Judge 3

Xiaoqi Yu-Voice: 1:10pm

David Nisimov-Voice: 1:17pm

Kaitlyn Kuang-Voice: 1:25pm

Katelin Huang-Voice: 1:31pm

Ariel Zhu-Voice: 1:36pm

Angelina Zhou-Voice: 1:41pm

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