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AYLUS is Proudly Sponsoring 3rd Apex International Music Competition

Global Musicians and Arts Association is thrilled to announce cooperation with national volunteer organization Aylus to provide sponsorship to talented young musicians who are interested to participate in Apex International Music Competition.

Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States (AYLUS, encourages all talented musicians across the country to enter this year’s 3rd Apex International Music Competition! Aylus will provide sponsorship to waive the application fee for selected qualified applicants (a $85 value). Aylus will also sponsor one top applicant to waive his/her concert fee to the winner’s concert in the prestigious Carnegie Hall this summer (a $230 Value!)

Sponsorship Qualification

1. the applicants must have min. 3 years of study on piano, other instruments or voice.

2. The applicants shall be in intermediate or advanced level in their music category.

3. Applicants that have music talents but have difficulties to pay the application fee will be given priority for consideration.

Sponsorship application

If you are interested in applying for waiver program, please send your application email to AYLUS at ( In the email the applicant must include the full name, music category and the years of study. In the same email the applicant shall also include his/her most recent music performance through YouTube link. This music piece will be evaluated by Apex Competition Jude Committee for qualification.

The sponsorship application deadline is 2/10/2022 and the results will be issued in March before the audition.

The number of candidates who will receive Aylus sponsorship is limited. Please send in your application ASAP.

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li mo
li mo
Jan 25, 2022


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