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The Music Trip to the Vienna, Austria, is organized by Global Musicians and Arts Association (GMAA) and Pioneer Arts and Humanities Association (PAAHA). The exciting 10-day Music Journey includes 4 days of intensive Master Classes Instructed by Local Music Professors. A graduation recital was held in the headquarter of the United Nations Austria as part of the UN concert for peace. Students also had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the visual, historical, and social beauty of Austria, starting with the capital of music, Vienna, passing by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's birthplace, Salzburg, and finally relaxing in the beautiful lake town, Hallstatt Austria. All participating students have received customized certificates from Both GMAA and United Nations.

What can you gain from this trip?

  • Perform in the United Nations and receive certificates from UN.

  • Four days of intensive music education on theory and performance

  • Improve your performance skills and stage experience.

  • Volunteering and leadership opportunities including local community services, event organization and teaching assistance.

  • Enrich your resume for college application with important experiences as summer internship in the United Nations.

  • Three days of extensive guided sightseeing tour throughout Austria including Vienna, Salzburg, and Hallstatt.

Music Masters

Piano: Vladimir Kharin

Voice: Tereza Beglaryan

Music Theory: Giuseppe Terza

Oboe: Prisca Schlemmer-Ölzant

Itinerary and Schedule (July15th - July 24th, 2023)

Day 1

Arrive at Vienna. Group introduction meeting in the Hotel

Whole Day

Day 2

10:00-11:30、1:00-14:30 Master Classes

15:00-17:00 Homework and self-practice


Day 3

10:00-11:30、1:00-14:30 Master Classes

15:00-17:00 Homework and Self-practice


Day 4

10:00-11:30、1:00-14:30 Master Classes

15:00-17:00 Homework and Self-practice


Day 5

10:00-11:00 Stage Training and Performance

Afternoon Graduation Recital and Ceremony in United Nations Vienna.

Whole Day

Day 6

10:00-11:30、1:00-14:30 Master Classes

Master Class Summary

Whole Day

Day 7

Sightseeing Tour in Vienna

After breakfast, visit the most beautiful palace in Vienna, the "Schönbrunn Palace" where Princess Sissi once lived. Walk around exquisite corridors and banquet halls, stop by eye-catching glory arcades, statues and fountains that run through the palace.

In the afternoon, visit the most beautiful ring road in Europe and historical retro-style buildings on both sides, including "City Hall", "National Opera House", "Wiener Musikverein" and many others.

Ending the day by relaxing and shopping on Vienna Pedestrian Street, known as the top 10 pedestrian streets in Europe.

Whole Day

Day 8

Sightseeing Tour in Salzburg

After breakfast, proceed to Mozart's birthplace of Salzburg, follow the traces of the film "The Sound of Music" that fascinated countless people many years ago. Visit "Mirabellgarten", "Mozart's Birthplace" , "Herbert von Karajan - Statue " and many other historical attractions.

Whole Day

Day 9

Leaving Salzburg to Hallstatt

Visit one of the most beautiful lake towns of the world: Hallstatt

Whole Day

Day 10

Free activities and prepare to go home

Whole Day

City of Vienna

United Nations in Vienna

Classroom for Master Class

Selected Photos from 1st GMAA Vienna Music Trip


Phone:908-451-5452 or 201-349-7912



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