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GMAA SUMMER VIENNA MUSIC TRIP - United Nations Concert for Peace

Global Musicians and Arts Association is thrilled to announce the collaboration with United Nations Austria. We are honored to presents the United Nations concert for peace as part of Annual GMAA Music Trip to Vienna. As one of our exclusive programs, all participating young musicians will have the opportunity to perform in the headquarters of the United Nations in Vienna, Austria and receive customized certificates from United Nations. Many Local musicians and UN officials will be present to watch the concert. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all students, not only to showcase their talents and performance skills on an international platform, but also to promote the music and culture exchanges between the US and Austria.

United Nations Concert for Peace is organized by:

  • Global Musicians and Arts Association (GMAA), an US based association specilizing in international competitions and music programs.

  • Pioneer Arts and Humanities Association (PAAHA), an US based Non-profit organization aiming to provide international arts/humanities events and activities.

  • United Nations Women's Guild Vienna (UNWG) - Joining Hands to Help Children, an Austria based charity organization whose purpose is to assist children in need and/or mother childcare programs throughout the world.

The Concert Organoizers:

Linli Ye - GMAA Director - USA

Fan Wang - GMAA Director - USA

Rui Qing Zhou - First Vice President of United Nations Women’s Guild (UNWG), Vienna, Austria.

Kevin Chen - Student President of Pioneer Arts and Humanities Association,

Team Leader of 1st GMAA Music Trip in Vienna

Yang Wang - GMAA Director - Austria

1st Concert for Peace Program:

Selected Concert Photos:

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